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Jaime Leandro Foundation: In Detail


When entrepreneur and biologist Stephen Aldrich was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the esophagus in 2017, he went into overdrive to find a cure for the incurable. He took part in clinical trials and adopted a holistic approach to reduce stress and strengthen his immune system. And he determined that the best path would be a personalized neoantigen vaccine. The technology for such vaccines, which train the individual’s immune system to attack cancer cells, existed, but it was not easily accessible.

He started MyCancerDB, now ennov1, which empowers patients to gather advanced genomic data, store it securely, and mine it for insight into available personalized treatment options.

And he founded a nonprofit organization—a consortium of companies—to make personalized cancer vaccines available to patients with the most dire prognoses.


Grounded in the latest science, it’s a breakthrough approach that provides a pathway to possibility where there was none.

Through mutual friends, he met Jaime Leandro, a young woman who was fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer,. He was so impressed by her determination not only to survive, but to thrive, that he named the organization after her.

The Jaime Leandro Foundation for Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines, led by President William Hoos and a board of esteemed cancer and biotech leaders, incorporated in September 2020.

I led the brand strategy and content development, teaming up with creative director/design lead Matthew Giuffre. Matt’s logo design captures Jaime’s bright light as well as the light in the darkness that this treatment option can provide.

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Brand Strategy and Platform
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Lee Phenner, brand strategy and content
Matthew Giuffre, creative director/design

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