ABCD website

We reimagined and redesigned the ABCD website top to bottom to speak directly to clients and prospective clients, but also to resonate with donors, partners, elected officials and other audiences. We focus on multimedia storytelling to embody the new brand, provide valuable content, and drive action.


We drew on Kara Madden's expertise in user experience and information architecture, called on Common Media to drive development, brought in brand design consultant Carrie Edwards, and benefited from a team of writers led by Joe Wrinn and complemented by Megan McHugh and Lynn Schweikart


Our in-house design team, led by Darren Szeto and Kyla Bossung, and development team, led by Ann Smyth, established a visually rich and appealing look and fine-tuned the site, tailoring it to meet user needs and behavior. Our video and digital storytelling crew, led by Jemeela Axell and Harrison Osborne, and including Lara Booth, expanded its range to feature intimate portraits of our clients. 


This gallery opens with the "BEFORE" and "AFTER" homepage, then features the dramatic change evident in the new design.


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