Creating a brand

Firing up your brand

is one of the most challenging and satisfying things you can do. You want to create unforgettable, positive experiences that build lasting relationships — and move you into the lead. In our hyper-connected culture, there are lots of ways to have a conversation, so your content has to be smart, distinctive, and everywhere your audience lives.

And always fascinated by identity,

I have not walked a straight line, but there is a through-line.
Always writing. Always creating.

Always strategizing. Always building.

the stories that shape it, and the action it sparks.

I spent more than a decade with multidisciplinary brand design firm Fitch and integrated marketing agency Hill Holliday.

We helped CVS/pharmacy define a category, contemporized Gerber Childrensewear, created the gaming phenomenon Razer, set a new trajectory for GE's satellite division, helped Cognos meet its growth goal, which positioned it for acquisition by IBM, and brought global perspective to Liberty Mutual.


Social Impact

Social impact and social justice are central themes for me. I've taken part in campaigns, initiatives, and longterm brand creation and stewardship with Partners In Health, the Alzheimer's Association, Habitat for Humanity, marathon champion-turned philanthropist and motivational speaker and author Uta Pippig, and the country's largest nonprofit antipoverty agency, ABCD — Action for Boston Community Development. (For that I moved inside.)

Expertise and passion

I'm in my element when working with people who are open, motivated by a mission, and driven by the highest standards. That combination makes me want to do great work every day. More about me here

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